Career Counselling Services
Before you begin to explore your dream education destinations, taking unbiased career counselling is a must. Right career counselling is about understanding your aptitude, course choices, interests, challenges and resources before zeroing in on the education destination.

At Inspiring Education, our career counsellors analyze your profile, personality and identify your needs and aspirations before exploring the college and institution options. During the counselling our expert team of counsellors try to figure out the gaps between your needs, challenges and aspirations before suggesting the admission solutions for you.

When you contact us for admission guidance, we capture your information in our application form. Then we follow few steps through our counselling process to ensure that you are able to make the right choices about your future.
Understand Your Course Choice
This the first and the most important step of our career counselling process. Once we identify your course preference by listing down your interests and strengths, we begin our extensive research about the selected programmes.

Understand Your Aptitude
Our counsellors ensure that the course you are choosing is based on your aptitude and suits your personality and interest. Since they understand that success happens when you study something that interests you and utilizes your inherent talent.

Exploring Your Requirements and Challenges
We believe in giving you a holistic guidance not only based on your preferences but also your constraints and challenges. Since right career choice is also about making realistic and sensible decisions. It is important to make you aware about the pros and cons of the choices you make based on practical insights before you take the final decision.

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