Skill Development Courses
Skill development helps build a strong foundation for students and professionals as well. Skills, "hard" and "soft", are of extreme importance for the professionals starting a particular career and trying to become successful in it.

Inspiring Education provides Certificate Courses (three months' duration) of four extremely important skills that all candidates need to be equipped with. These are:

(1) Communication skills:
In this course we aim at making students understand that basically English, as a language of Communication, is most suitable for public speaking internationally. The students are taught "Basics of English", and preparing for Interview and Group Discussion. They are also made aware of Verbal, Non-verbal and Interpersonal communication; and also they are trained on the four skills (LSRW) of Communication in general, and "Communicative English” in particular.

(2) Soft Skills Development Course:
Soft Skills are essentially people skills - the non-technical, intangible skills that determines one's strength as a leader. This training course of ours focuses on personality development, interpersonal skills, team working, SWOT analysis, stress management & many such skills that help out professionals to work and interact with others.

(3) Course on the basics of Technical and Corporate Communication:
This course incorporates within the aspiring students and professionals a definitive skill of how to use English Language officially pertaining to Corporate strategy.

(4) Etiquette and Grooming Course:
Inspiring Education has come up with "Etiquette and Grooming" as a skill-development course. Etiquette is a code that governs the expectations of social behaviour within a society. Our course includes workplace etiquette, telephone etiquette, netiquette etc. Our course on grooming emphazises that grooming not only connotes taking care of our external appearance; but also includes a training on eye contact, dress code, handshake, mobile manners etc.